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Originally from Baltimore, Maryland- David spent his childhood broadening his creativity through multiple avenues, picking up his musical interests while growing up within a family of musicians and participating in school choir.

After taking a break from choir to participate in his high school track team he gravitated back to music after the untimely passing of Michael Jackson. Witnessing how Michael’s music shaped and changed the world had a huge impact on David and from that moment he knew that music was his calling. Starting with just a laptop and a microphone David taught himself how to record and mix his own music which led to the release of his 2011 self-recorded EP, 'Journey'. 

Shortly after, he relocated to New York to further develop himself where he collaborated with local musicians and performed at legendary venues such as The Village Underground and Nuyorican Poets Cafe while releasing singles and a 2015 EP titled '5' which yielded two singles, 'R U Down' and 'He Wont'.

Currently David is hitting the New York music scene hard with the release of, 'Twisted', the lead single for his upcoming 2017 EP which he coins as a 'rebranding project'. Typically finding comfort in smooth R&B crooning with a serious undertone, his new EP lightens up the tone and explores a much more energetic and fun vibe while showcasing David’s growth as his paves his way toward the top.

'Twisted' Industry Reactions

"These caliber of songs will get their legs in the club." - Amir Windom
"Sounds nice, very current...the music is awesome..." - Tangela Hamilton
"It has a commercial vibe..." - The Frontrunnaz

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